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Kelly travels regularly to speak on a variety of topics. Contact her if you would like her to speak at your event.

Presentation formats

  • Keynote presentations, conferences and workshops can be geared to meet your organization’s needs.
  • One hour, half day or full day alternatives.


  • Power Up As You Age: Five Nutrition Strategies to revitalize the brain.
  • Peak Performance: How to use nutrition therapeutically for cognition, vitality and disposition.
  • What’s Eating You:  The hidden connections between common ailments and nutrition.
  • The Neurobiology of Mood:  How nutrition choices can lift your spirits or leave you depressed and anxious.

Course Titles

  • Get Smarter As You Get Older: What you need to know to improve your neurobiology and preserve your mind as you age
  • Are You Confused or Just Overwhelmed? Sane and simple diet changes to help every company’s productivity.
  • Food and Mood: The complex ways diet affects depression, anxiety and temper.
  • So Many Diets, So Few Results: The skinny on weight loss.
  • Why so many people are avoiding so many foods: Latest fad or real concerns?
  • Do you need to eat meat? Three ways to know if you were born to be a vegetarian or carnivore.
  • Better Brain, Better Energy and Better Function: The hidden connections between diet and peak performance.


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