Kelly offers personal nutrition consultations by phone or Zoom.

For appointments or inquiries, please email or leave a message at 301-340-2239.


Please provide the following information and documentation as soon as possible prior to your scheduled time:

  • 2 to 3 day record of food/beverage consumption
  • List of current medications and nutritional supplements (with doses)
  • Recent test results, if any (blood, urine, stool, reports from specialists)
  • Relevant medical records
  • Brief summary of medical history, including date of birth and list of concerns/questions
  • Payment (if paying by check)

Testing is not required for your initial consultation but I would like to see what you have had done.

Cancelling appointments

Kindly provide at least 48 hours’ notice if you cannot make or wish to cancel your appointment. If you miss an appointment without sufficient notice, an administrative fee ($20 for follow-ups and $40 for full/new appointments) will be charged.

Meeting options

Consultations may be by telephone or zoom. All consults are scheduled in Eastern Standard/Daylight Time.

  • Phone  At the time of your appointment, please call the consultation-line phone number 571-349-3910.
  • Zoom   You will receive an invitation unless you wish to host the appointment.  


The initial consultation fee is $295 for 55 minutes. All new clients require an initial consultation.  At least one 25-minute follow-up is recommended four to 8 weeks later which is $150.  Additional follow-ups can be scheduled as needed. Please send checks for tele-appointments in advance. Venmo/Zelle can be used at the end of the appointment. Only checks drawn on United States banks or money orders, please.  Wiring capability is available for overseas clients and will impose a $15 per transaction fee. 

What happens during the initial appointment?

The first 15 to 20 minutes of your appointment is usually spent discussing and clarifying your history and goals.  The rest of the time we will develop a plan together to address your situation, including specific recommendations and a course of action. Further tests may be recommended at this time. I do not sell supplements. Independent sources for any recommendations will be provided.  You would pay the one you choose directly. 

Insurance coverage

Insurance reimbursement depends on the contract with your insurance company. I am licensed but not a contracted or preferred provider. Often nutritional consultations are not covered but a recommendation letter from your doctor may help. I will provide an insurance friendly receipt. Flexible medical spending accounts generally cover nutrition consults.