cure-your-child-with-food-3d-lrgCure Your Child with Food (originally published as What’s Eating Your Child?) is about the hidden connections between food and childhood ailments such as anxiety, recurrent ear infections, stomachaches, picky eating, rashes, ADHD and more.   The latest version includes an update on gluten sensitivity and glyphosate.

Most people agree that a good diet is important but few know how to decipher the effect food has on their health.  Cure Your Child with Food will help parents, medical professionals, teachers and caretakers to uncover the clues behind children’s nutrition-based health issues, and implement simple treatments—immediately.

There are many informative nutrition books around but I noticed that many of them were boring. I was determined to write a book that was not only useful but also entertaining. The most fascinating part about being a nutrition detective is the real life situations I deal with daily. For that reason, the book revolves around true stories of families struggling with common health problems. I share their stories, how we figured out the solution, if their solution would help your child and how to apply it.

Make sure to get the one with the new cover (shown above)